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The Dan and Julie Feuerborn Family

Photo Gallery

Here are some photos of the family taken over the past year

Text Box: All of Us

Family Photo taken in October 2006

Text Box: Sam the Daredevil
Text Box: Backpacking in CO

The kids building a shelter (just because they felt like it).

Text Box: More Backpacking

Some actual hiking this time.

Text Box: Tatianaís New Love

A lazy afternoon in our kitchen

Text Box: The Dogs

Wonít someone let us out?

Text Box: The Family

The family in a pile

Text Box: The Kids Up a Tree
Text Box: Julie & Dan

The love birds

Text Box: Sam & Tatiana

They donít usually get along this well :-)

Text Box: Jacquie & Colleen
Text Box: Majorca 2006

Date: 11/02/07

Smiling for the camera

Julie and Dan have finally pushed them too far.

Leaping into the drift

Summer 2006 in Palma, Majorca with the Wilkinsons